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Airborne HD spectral camera MAX-S800

MAX-G800 Airborne Spectral Camera is developed and made by Shenzhen Wayho Technology Co.,Ltd. It is mainly used in airborne applications in the fields of ecological environment, precision agriculture, and resource exploration, which need fast, accurate and large-scale acquisition of spectral information. This product covers spectral range from 400nm to 1000nm, captures real-time video over seven spectral channels and one RGB channel. It can also achieve online spectral analysis, so to be suitable for many applications which need quick decision as to abnormal situations.

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Gimbal Parameters

Installation Mode


Angular Vibration Range


Controllable Range

Pitch:-120° - +30°  

Structure Allowable Range

Yaw: ± 320°, pitch: - 120° to + 30°, roll: - 55° to + 55°

Maximum Control Speed


Camera Parameters

Spectral Bands


Spectral Range

Standard450nm550nm650nm720nmnarrow band)、750nmnarrow band)、800nm850nm


Image Sensor

 1 / 2.9-inch CMOS, global shutter, 1.55M pixels

Image Resolution

1440 * 1080

Bit Depth


Optical Lens

Focal length f = 5.0mm, aperture F/2.0


HFOV: 52.8°VFOV: 40.9°

Typical Spatial Vision


Ground Sample DistanceGSD


Preview Frame Rate

Up to 20fps (full channels), supporting simultaneous preview and capture.

Frame Rate

Triggering capture, up to 1fps (full channels)

Trigger Modes

Manual mode, timer mode,  overlap mode

Data Format

16bit TIFF

Calibration and Correction

Spectral calibration, radiation calibration, illumination correction, distortion correction


MicroSD card, standard capacity of 128G, the transmission speed requires class 10 or higher, mode U3 or higher, and video speed V30 or higher.

Device Interfaces

DJI X-port, 6-pin COMM port

Flight Control

UAV Platforms

Support DJI X-Port, perfect match of DJI Matrice series M200 V2/M210 V2/ M210 RTK V2/ M300 RTK


Other Flight Platforms

Customizable as to requirement, to support other UAV platforms (fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and so on)

Control Mode

DJI Pilot App

Capture Mode

No need to hover, real-time capture.

Other Parameters

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Camera w/ gimbal: 129 x 145 x 177mm, DLS: 75 x47 x 31mm


Camera w/ gimbal: 780g, DLS: 54g

Operating Temperature


-20℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ to 60℃