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Founded in 2005, Shenzhen Wayho Technology Co., Ltd has been designated as a national hi-tech enterprise specializing in liquid crystals and spectroscopy products, as well as providing services and solutions for various industry applications.

The company is engaged in the design, production and sale of liquid crystal devices for optoelectronic applications and other hyperspectral imaging equipment. Wayho has set up two R&D laboratories in China's Shenzhen and Silicon Valley in the United States, and established a "joint hyperspectral imaging laboratory" with Chinese Academy of Sciences, prestigious universities, research institutes and public security bureaus in China. It has obtained nearly 80 patents in China.

Since 2012, Wayho has been involved in the research, development and innovation of liquid crystal tunable filters (LCTF), hyperspectral imaging systems,  cloud platforms for smart hyperspectral data analysis and other products. The company is a pioneer in  spectroscopy of liquid crystals in China. Our LCTF chip technology features high precision, fast speed and is easy to use, setting a technical benchmark in China and achieving world-class standards.

Wayho has received considerable recognition in the industry, with our products widely used in criminal investigations, agriculture, environmental monitoring, industrial inspections, as well as education and research institutions. In addition, the company has an experienced R&D team that can customize and develop products based on industry needs, realizing the effective use of our products in public security, defense, environmental monitoring in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial testing, cutting-edge research projects and other fields.

With its mission of "Sensing the light of all things, to build the vision of intelligence by spectrum", Wayho will continue to build hyperspectral/ultraspectral technologies that can perform spectral data analysis, create data models and cloud platforms for smart hyperspectral data analysis, and promote human-computer interaction as part of our future plans. Aiming to become a global innovator and industry leader, we will also build an ecosystem that integrates hyperspectral chip technology, hyperspectral camera, smart spectral equipment, spectral platform and industrial applications to realize the digitalization of spectral measurements in various industries.

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