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Li Junfeng, head of Guangdong Caian Forensic expertise Institute, came to visit our company

On the morning of 24 May, Director Li Junfeng, Director of Guangdong Caian Judicial Appraisal Institute, visited our company. Mr. Liang Hongyi, Chairman of the Company, introduced to Director Li Junfeng the development and application of the company's hyperspectral aspects. The application of hyperspectral technology in the field of forensic expertise was discussed. After that, Director Li visited the company's hyperspectral laboratory and watched the "handwriting coverage", "handwriting alteration" and "high-simulation counterfeit banknote identification" made by the hyperspectral imaging system. Director Li highly appraised the characteristics of hyperspectral technology, such as "nondestructive testing, non-contact testing," as well as the actual test results, and held that the hyperspectral technology had a unique advantage over other existing technologies. And express a strong interest in the timing identification of Zhu and Mo.

The 13th police camp opening day of Shenzhen public security bureau in 2017

In November 25, 2017, the thirteenth session of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau police open day activities carried out at the same time in the city's 23 primary venue and 75 open, this theme is to "meet you and me, the zero distance&quo

Be invited to International Seminar on Criminal Science and Technology in 2017

On -17 November 15, 2017, "2017 International Criminal Science and technology seminar" held in Beijing, the meeting hosted by Chinese People's Public Security University Institute of criminal science and technology with the Shanghai scene Key La

Academician Tong Qingxi of remote Sensing visited and guided to Wayho Technology

On the morning of November 11th 2017, academician Tong Qingxi of China's Hyperspectral remote Sensing Technology Tai Dou, and an expert from the Digital China Research Institute of Peking University accompanied by the leadership of the Shenzhen Center for

Assisted near ground phenological automatic observation station of China Phenological Network

From October 19th 2017 to 21st, a near ground hyperspectral imager was installed in Xinyang normal University by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Geography and Resources Research and the China Phenological observation Network. The aim of this conference is

"IntelliSense staring Hyperspectral Imager"'of expert's review meeting will be held in Shenzhen

On April 28, 2017, the "Intelligent Perceptual staring Hyperspectral Imager", organized by China Public Safety Magazine and Shenzhen Security Industry Association, was evaluated. Held in Shenzhen. The jury was submitted to Shenzhen Wayho Techonology and Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The head of the expert group was the chief expert of the police equipment expert library of the Ministry of Public Security, and the senior engineer Tao Junsheng, former deputy director of the Bureau of Public Security loading and Finance of the Ministry of Public Security; The members include Vice Chairman of the National Public Security photographers Association, former researcher Zhou Yunbiao, Director of the physical evidence Identification Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Research fellow Xu Xiaojing, Deputy Inspector of the Ministry of Public Security physical evidence Appraisal Center, and Professor Shan Kuo, Vice President of the China Criminal Police Academy. Professor Jiang Zhanqing, Dean of the School of Criminal Science and Technology of the people's Public Security University of China; expert appointed by the National Police Standards Commission; Yang Jincai, director of China Public Security magazine; and from provinces and cities throughout the country