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System architect System architect Shenzhen Nanshan District 1

Job description: complete company software system analysis, architecture design, software solution design and module design.

Job responsibilities:

1, according to the product and project planning, responsible for software system analysis, design software architecture, key components, interface technology;

2, responsible for determining the implementation plan of the software project, including module setting and task assignment, and determining the development progress;

3. Organize and complete the design, development and programming task of the corresponding module software;

4, responsible for software testing, integration, delivery and other processes required interface specifications and technical support;

5, responsible for the improvement of software development specification and standard process, and introduce scientific software engineering methods for the team;

6, responsible for code review, to ensure code quality.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in software engineering, computer, etc.

2, 7 years working experience, at least 3 years software architecture experience;

3, proficient in C or C #.net programming, familiar with algorithm modeling and system analysis and design;

4, mastering the tools of architecture design, mastering various reference frameworks, the main reusable architecture mechanisms and patterns;

5, have rich experience in overall planning, project design and technical team management of large and medium-sized development projects;

6. have a comprehensive understanding of computer system, network and security, application system architecture, familiar with project management;

7. Familiar with image processing and database development;

8. Good communication and expression skills, able to efficiently analyze problems and propose solutions.

Senior Product Manager Senior Product Manager Shenzhen Nanshan District 2

Job description: the system integrates internal and external resources, defines, designs and launches the company's industry applications.

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the market research, demand design, internal and external resources coordination of the company's spectrum products;

2. Formulate the planning, function design and business process design of the company's spectral products, and complete the product requirements specification;

3. Responsible for the engineering and production of product requirements, coordinate and integrate external resources, complete the overall product R & D design;

4. Responsible for promoting the overall R & D progress of products, control R & D quality, complete product technical parameters, performance indicators, specification and model setting;

5. Responsible for product testing and release, assist in product marketing and promotion;

Assist to collect user feedback, analyze and provide demand response solutions to R & D team to improve product optimization and user experience.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, optics or automation;

2, have in large R & D technology company (R & D personnel more than 100 people) as a product manager or project manager for more than 3 years of work experience;

3, have done independent R & D project management or product planning position, have experience in requirement analysis, product function design, business process design and user research, etc.

4, familiar with the overall design of software and hardware systems, programming is preferred;

5. Familiar with optical or electronic instruments and instruments;

(6) between 30 and 40 years of age;

7, have excellent communication and expression skills and learning and understanding ability, can effectively analyze and solve problems;

Good at internal and external resource coordination and communication.